Who We Are

Our people have a unique blend of qualifications, with a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds with accumulated experiences that exceed 90+ years of professional experience, all bound by a shared passion for providing world-class transportation services and have constant drive for service excellence. Below is a summary of our key employees within AINahrain:

Mohammad Ajlouni, General Manager

Mr. Ajlouni is the founder and Chairman of AI-Nahrain co. for Transportation and Marine Services in Jordan, as well as Iraq Al-Nahrain in Iraq, Jannat AINahrain in Dubai and Global Shipping Company; his experience in shipping exceeded 40 years in addition to operation, logistic services and all transportation aspects (land, sea, and air). Mr. Ajlouni built up his experience starting with Jordan National Shipping Lines, then with Iraqi Jordanian Land Transportation (IJLT) and Modern Transportation co. (Elba House), at a later stage he started his own business in 1998.

Ragheb Banat, Head of Logistics & Operations Department

Mr. Banat has more than 38 years of experience in several positions: transportation, shipping, commercial planning administration, logistic services, operations and management. He is specialist in multi-model transport projects. Mr. Banat worked with M.A.N Co., T. Gargour Co., Iraqi Jordanian Land Transportation Co. (IJLTC). He coordinated to provide services to several well-known companies and organizations such as Toyotsu Logistics Service co., Tracks Logistics Service co., North Shore International Inc. and Anham LLC. He joined Al-Nahrain co. in 2003.


Hazem Ajlouni, Logistics Manager

Mr. Ajlouni has more than 14 years of experience in shipping logistics & operations with specialty in land transportation. His experience started with Al-Nahrain co. where he easily grasped the core of the business. Mr. Hazem was in charge of many important accounts and managed to provide services in all transportation aspects (land, sea and air) including clearance and logistic services to a good number of main clients such as Kuenhe & Nagel Co., Tawfiq Freight Services, Med-Products, Michel Hurel Transport UK Ltd., Grand Arabia, DHL EXPRESS and Nile International Freight Services.