About This Project

Project Name: Vibrators project  / Ministry of Oil /  Oil Exploration Co. (OEC) Baghdad - Iraq

Year: 2013

Cargo Details: 22 Units of Vibrators , GW: 31,400 kg  /Unit      

Pickup Location: Aqaba Port / Jordan

Offloading Location: Iraq / Baghdad/ Al Nahrawan

Short Description: Vibrators Project /one Lot Shipment of 22 Units Moving Heavy Vehicles, Equipped with Special Tools.

In 2013 With Collaborated Efforts and Collective experience between Jordan & Iraq Offices, Nahrain Group Executed a distinguished and clean Project. From Aqaba Port up to Baghdad / Al Nahrawan Location.  

By applying safe cargo handling, using appropriate Vehicles L.B Trailers, suitable lashing materials, qualified drivers and persistent Escort with Continuous follow up, we managed to secure a safe Delivery. This project was a Golden Key to secure several projects & Shipments for the same Ministry and Department.


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