About This Project

Project Name: Toyota Logistics Service Co., Ltd.\Co.  Iraqi / Ministry Of Water Resources (MOWR)

Date: 2017

Cargo Details:  22 Unit Wheeled Excavator Loaders & 5 Dump Truck plus 1 water tanker

Pickup Location: Umm Qaser Port, Iraq 

Offloading Location: Iraqi Ministry of Water resources (MOWR) / in both Baghdad & Basra / Iraq.

Short Description: Once again we have conducted another project for our main Contractor Toyotsu Logistics Service Co., Ltd, stared by Cargo Handling & Customs Clearance at Umm Qaser Port then loading & inland transportation from U.Q Port up to MOWR W.H/s in both Baghdad & Basra Cities.

All shipments were delivered to the related W.H. safe and sound, applying the required cargo handling procedures, using appropriate vehicles low bed trucks with normal & hydraulic trailers and Stnd. trucks with Flatbed Trailers.

To secure safe cargo delivery we applied suitable lashing materials, used qualified drivers and during the trip the convoy was persistently escorted by our patrols supported by continuous follow up.

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