About This Project

Project Name: The 1st. Lot  of  Tele-Communication Towers Consigned to Al-Atheer Company for Communications / Zain Iraq       

Date: October 2017 

Cargo Details: Tele-Communication Towers equipped with wheeled cabinets can be towed  (Quantity: 5 units, 9,200 kgs. / unit, 60 CBM/ unit)    

Pickup Location: Umm Qaser Port, Iraq   

Offloading Location: Consignee’s W.Hs in several Iraqi Governorates; Basra, Karbala Baghdad and Kirkuk.

Short Description: In Oct.2017 Nahrain Group / Iraq al Nahrain Co. (INC) carried out a featured project From Umm Qaser Port up to Al-Atheer Company W.Hs. in several governorates in Iraq, the Project has been completed in the best order.

After completing handling process and clearance formalities at U.Q port the delivery of this Shipment has been done in two stages:

  •   From UMQ port up to our W.H in Safwan using Flat-bed trailers.
  •   From our WH to the final destination using truck-tractors with qualified drivers to tow the cabinets and towers accompanied by Patrol Escort, supported with continuous follow up, to secure safe Delivery.

At our W.H in Safwan we have de-stuffed the cargo from containers using all needed equipment's  and tools, and covered them for safety purposes; later on we arranged a team of Expert Engineers as per client’s request to assemble and installed the towers to be ready for transportation as Complete units.

We arranged suitable truck-tractors and towed the units to final destinations.

Being a multi task project it was an added Value for Al Nahrain Group.

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