About This Project

Project Name: State Company For Oil Projects “SCOP” project

Date: July 2017

Cargo Details: Centrifugal Pump, Main Pump, Booster Pump, Pumping System. Within (10) Cont.

  • 7x40’ FR:   OOG.  

11.90 x 355 x 325 / 8.40 x 3 10 x 317 / 8.40 x 310 x 317 /11.10 x 255 x 3 55 9.32 x235 x 255 /11.20 x 310 x 317/11.20 x 310 x 317.

  • 2x40’ BX
  • 1x40’HC

Pickup Location: Umm Qaser Port, Iraq.

Offloading Location:  Ministry of Oil /State Company for Oil Projects (SCOP) at Al-Latifiya, Baghdad

Short Description:     •    We have been awarded this project as a sub-contractor by one of our important clients who obtained it directly as a main contractor from  State Company for Oil Projects  “SCOP”.

  • Our scope of work was specified starting from Umm Qaser port in Iraq, by cargo handling & clearance then transportation for  delivery and cargo unloading at final destination.
  • The shipment arrived to U.Q port in three lots for three stages 
  • 1x40’HC + 7X40’FR + 2x40 BX. all were meant to complete a plant in the same project.
  • For safety purposes we have applied a low profile escort and persistent follow up from port to final destination, at the same time and on a parallel level we have arranged the needed tools, equipments, vehicles and required crane supported by needed forklifts & skilled labors.
  • To maintain applying professional standards in using proper tools, equipments and vehicles in the course of this job; our working team was available in all stages to supervise loading at U.Q. port, escorting the trucks from port to site, and during unloading the cargo at the final destination.
  • Delivery has been completed on 20th. Of July 2017. 


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