About This Project

Project Name: Pipes Project \ Iraqi Ministry of Water Recourses

Date: 2014 up to 2016

Cargo Details: Steel Pipes Diameter: 1.2 M, Length: 12 m, Length: 12.m, GW: 3.55MT each Per unit GW: 3.55MT per unit Total: 430 CBM at 81 MT.

126 HDPE pipes 1ton per pipe plus 16 SOC containers contain plastic floaters, hoses, bolts and nuts  2.5 ton per container

Pickup Location: Umm Qaser Port & Aqaba port 

Offloading Location: Iraqi Ministry of Water Recourses / Basra & Baghdad

Short Description: This shipment  has been Ocean Freighted  from Ex Xingang, Tianjin to Um Qaser port by Break Bulk charter Vessel Under Deck.  We used to handle the same type of shipments at Aqaba Port as well. Our scope of Work at both Ports is the same: Handling , Clearing, transporting to the final Destination and Unloading the Cargo at the sites in both  Baghdad & Basra.

Used Equipment: Flat beds with all needed Tools, Dunnage, lashing materials, and supporting  side poles



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