About This Project

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Once again, we managed to secure the complete operations for a vital project in Jordan, considered as a valued achievement of our company.

The contract was signed with an Italian company, Minerali Industriali Tunisia, through their representative who arrived in Jordan for this purpose. The major scope of work in this project is moving a complete silica sand factory with all related parts and accessories from the site in Al Humaima in Jordan to Tunisia including all stages to complete to job. The job site of the factory at Al Humaima Town is 85km away from Aqaba Port. Details are provided below:


June, 2018

1st Stage:

Conducting a job site survey, Preparing a detailed action plan, Arranging the needed manpower, Sorting & classifying the dismantled parts, Listing all items in a final illustrated packing list for easy reference.

2nd Stage:

Buying empty containers to be used for loading the in-gauge parts, Fixing and Arranging all needed apparatuses, Arranging all needed cranes.

3rd Stage:

Preparing the needed approvals from all related parties, Conducting a physical road survey from the job site to the port, Marking the specific locations to action the removal of retardants.

Required Vehicles & Cranes

•50 x flatbed trailers to load the containers for in-gauge parts

•6 x flatbed trailers for small OOG pieces

•6 x low-bed trailers for oversized & overweight units

•3 x selected cranes with suitable capacities

•2 x forklifts


•We maintained constant coordination with all related parties In order to match the timeline.

•All needed vehicles, cranes were available and ready.

•The first movement for the project was 50 trucks loaded with containers and 6 flatbeds. For safety & security purposes we rearranged the 56 trucks in 4 convoys each with 14 trucks, departing the site and heading to the port guarded by low-profile escorts.

•For the remaining 6 x low-bed trailers, We managed to pass all retardants & removed all obstacles successfully with damage-free results.


The whole process was completed perfectly, within a remarkable time of this kind of project and everything went smoothly with regards to the schedule and the timeframe of the action plan.

This project is considered as a distinguished one, where the general atmosphere during all the operations was surrounded by a cooperative and collaborative spirit, conducted by a professional working team ended with outstanding results to the best satisfaction and admiration of our client.

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