About This Project

Project Name: Lafarge project \ KCML (Karbala Cement manufacturing LTD)

Year: 2015

Cargo Details: Generators with fittings (1 set W 40,530 kgs, D 73.53 CBM)(10 sets W846, 320kgs, D1607.5CBM)

886.85 MT contains 10 generators with weight 10 x79.50 MT Each, and 1x 34,5MT, with all related accessories.

Offloading Location: KCML (Karbala Cement manufacturing LTD) , Karbala

Short Description: In 2015 Nahrain Group / Iraq al Nahrain Co. (INC) carried out a featured project From Umm Qaser Port upto KCML. In Karbala.

By applying safe cargo handling, using appropriate Vehicles L.B Trailers, suitable lashing materials, qualified drivers and persistent Escort with Continuous follow up, we managed to secure a safe Delivery. This project was an added Value to INC. Experience & Progress.   

INC has taken special precaution Steps at the time of M / V. arrival, by appointing Cargo Surveyor which prevented a big Loss and Troublesome Headache to the client and other parties; The Cargo Condition Survey report provided an Excellent Coverage for all the existing Damages at that time.   

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