About This Project


Project Name:  Dredgers & Floats project \ CO. Ministry of Water Recourses

Date: 2016

Cargo Details: 3 units of multipurpose Dredgers 88 ton per Dredgers & 6 Floats 23ton per Floats & 10 containers  16ton per  container

supply equipment for Dredger Machine 57 containers  & 1 Unit of Dredger Machine loaded on Mafi Trailer 45 ton x 1 unit of Dredger

Pickup Location:  Umm Qaser Port, Iraq

Offloading Location: Ministry of Water Recourses in Basra , Kut, Diwanyeh, Naseriyah , and  Baghdad city

Short Description: The Year  2016 was a vivid example for Nahrain Group / Iraq al Nahrain Co. ( INC) Tremendous Success,  where INC  managed to secure several projects from several; Clients  for the same Ministry (MOWR). All Shipments were Delivered safe and sound, by applying the Needed cargo handling, using appropriate Vehicles - Stnd. Trucks F.B &   L.B Trailers & Hydraulic trailers- suitable lashing materials, qualified drivers and persistent Escort with Continuous follow up.


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