About This Project

Project Name:  Al-Nowaira  project \CO. GAMCO ,Ministry  Of municipality & Housing At all Iraqi governorates

Date: Since 2012 till now Yearly contract

Cargo Details: Excavators, Loaders , shovels, Dumber, Cranes, Tanks and all Heavy Vehicles, with a total Quantity of 400 up to 500 units yearly. 

Pickup Location:  Umm Qaser Port, Iraq

Offloading Location:  At all Iraqi governorates;   Basra, Kut, Diwanyeh, Naseriyah Karbala, Baghdad city.       

Short Description: his Project is important for two main reasons:

  • Being from an affiliated  company with Al Nahrain Group.
  • Being a Long Term and Continues  Projects lasted for more than 7 years.

Our Basra office Management & Working Team  gained a very good experience  in dealing with such Shipments and equipped with, Specific knowhow for all related aspects:

A special technique in handling, Clearance, and Delivery to all Iraqi Governorates.

Having the ability & Capability to do the Complete Job

  •  Ex work pickup.
  • Port Fob requirements at POL.
  • Ocean freight.
  • Handling & Clearance Formalities at POD.
  • Land freight & Delivery.

Thus, we have acquired a comprehensive Knowhow to serve you with utmost Care.


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