About Us

Our Working Team Collaborates And Coordinates For Your Satisfaction.

AlNahrain Company for Transportation and Marine Services was founded in 1998 by Mr. Mohammed Ajlouni with its headquarters in Amman, Jordan to provide world-class transportation & logistics services for several clients at local, regional and global levels.

Since its establishment, AlNahrain has adopted a unique approach, bringing together a range of specialized knowledge, skills and expertise into technical `know-how', in depth local market knowledge and world-class marketing capability, which have played a crucial role in enhancing AlNahrain's activities, making it one of the most robust regional leading logistics providers.

Today, AlNahrain has several offices in the region covering viable countries including Jordan, Iraq and UAE. By having offices in Baghdad and Basra, brain has been able to build a sustainable competitive position in the Iraqi market, as we have been able to operate under different political circumstances without our capabilities to deliver being affected. This competitive edge has leveraged our capabilities to ensure success and achieve operational excellence.

The key business activities and market position at AlNahrain are built on the company's true world-class capabilities; hence, it provides a "one-stop shop” for logistics & transportation solutions, as well as complementary services such as warehousing, stationary yard (tracks & container yard services) and fleet management.

We capitalize on our employees as key assets for AlNahrain. As such, we work hard on promoting a training & development culture in order to recruit, train and retain our talented people, who put together all their knowledge and efforts in the hands and demands of our clients.

Finally, we make our best efforts to develop, promote and protect sound freight forwarding & logistics practices within AlNahrain, whether by having memberships in well-known global associations and bodies such as WCA or by participating in expand our strategic partners all over the world.

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